Housing Strategy of City of Užice; training of local government officers

Employer Municipal Support Programme IPA 2007 Implementation period 2011 Partners

“MSP IPA 2007 - Good governance, planning & service delivery” project is financed by European Union and implemented by a consortium led by GTZ International Services. Municipal Planning Component of the MSP IPA 2007 is focused on supporting the municipalities in implementing of the local sustainable development strategies. 
The project included the technical assistance and support to the City of Užice in developing the Local Housing Stretegy. In 2011, through a series of sessions with wider working team including lectures, trainings, consultations and direct interventions on the subject documents, the Local Administration was given the assistance in document preparation in the way as it is anticipated by the Law on Social Housing and the Sustainable Development Program of the City of Užice 2008-2015.Housing Strategy was adopted by the Assembly of the City of Užice.