URBAN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is an expert, non-governmental and non-profit organization engaged in the area of urban development.

UDP is engaged in with planning, consulting, research, education and training, mediation, advocacy and project management. Main sectors of activities of UDP are urban management and housing.

How is the Urban Development Program founded?

The organization is established by a group of experts from the public sector and from an international organization (UN-HABITAT). People that gathered come from the practice, research and from the circles of applied science and practical politics, cooperating together since early 2000s. The fields of their joint work were the projects of national significance, in spheres of housing, spatial and urban planning and local development. The projects on which the UDP team has been established encompass national and local development strategies and other strategic document, applied research, introduction of social housing system, establishing training capacities and performing training programs for professionals and elected officials in different sectors, as part of the ongoing reform processes.

Out of these projects, in UDP were brought experiences coming from studies, formulation of strategies, policies, programs and trainings in the spheres of housing reforms, integral approach in planning and management of the territory, spatial and urban planning, public organization and management, fight against poverty and social exclusion of marginalized groups (refugees, internally displaced, Roma, the poor).

Who makes the Urban Development Program?

Besides the wide experts circle of UDP, consisting of architects-planners, economists, spatial planners and sociologists, many of them with higher academic degrees, UDP, in its work, collaborate also with experts from abroad, from universities and practice in Serbia and the region. In its work, UDP takes benefit from a widely developed network of contacts in business, international organizations, media, academic institutions and professional organizations.