Association of Housing Agencies; establishment and capacity building

Employer UN-HABITAT Implementation period 2009 Partners

This project was the first technical assistance to the newly established Association of Housing Agencies, that was founded through implementation of the UN-HABITAT SIRP program. SIRP has set as the main goal a creation of a concept and testing of basic instruments of the future social housing system in Serbia, through pilot activities in 7 cities. Ultimate result of SIRP was passing of the Social Housing Law in August 2009.
Main UDP activities were: AHA’s business plan, drafting detailed plan of activities for 2009 and 2010; advisory services in regulating funding of AHA; preparation of one basic training curricula for local administrations willing to develop own housing policies and establish a CHA and training of trainers in AHA; preparing and printing of a brochure on basics of local housing policy and social housing; purchase of training equipment; support in enlarging membership of AHA; support AHA to network with European international and national associations of non-profit housing organizations; support AHA in preparation of elements for certification of non-profit housing organizations, as a basis for drafting the by-law, following the Social Housing Law.