Strategy of sustainable housing and employment solutions for households resettled within the Gazela Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Employer EIB (European Investment Bank) Implementation period 2012 Partners

The Gazela Bridge Rehabilitation Project required the resettlement of residents of the informal settlement under the bridge, the vast majority of these residents belonging to the Roma population. As a condition for the EIB and EBRD loan disbursement used to finance the reconstruction works on the bridge, the city was required to prepare a suitable Resettlement Action Plan (RAP). 
This document is aimed to offer a framework for taking a decision on the implementation of sustainable housing and livelihood solutions for the households resettled into 5 temporary settlements on the territory of Belgrade, within the realization of the Gazela Bridge Rehabilitation Project. Based on both the EIB and EBRD loan conditions, the City of Belgrade is obliged to first adopt and then implement a housing strategy which is expected to provide long-term sustainable housing solutions and an employment strategy for the project beneficaries.