Reform of the management and maintenance of condominium residential buildings; Platform and Action plan

Employer SCTM Implementation period 2012 Partners

Starting from the premise that the current way of management and maintenance of condominium buildings (especially housing) is unsustainable and progressively contributing to the decaz of the most valuable individual or national capital, and that by its parent law, the local government is responsible for the good functioning of the regulations related to the management and maintenance of residential buildings and that the current practice results are devastating, SCTM has proposed the implementation of the first necessary step – preparation of strategic / action document which will assess the current situation, include existing initiatives, define problems and long-term goals, and then prepare a program measures in the field of legislation, establishment of new and strengthening of existing institutional capacities, citizenship education, implementation of pilot activities and gradual introduction of system changes.
This project included the preparation, definition, development, discussion and adoption of the final strategic-action document which has been formally submitted to relevant institutions in order to to initiate a comprehensive program of reform implementation.