Condominium management; pilot project of introduction of contemporary concept

Employer City Housing Agency Kragujevac Implementation period 2009 Partners

The problem of unefficient maintenance of condominium buildings is recognized as strategic priority of Kragujevac through its City Housing Strategy (2007-2011) and based on the related action plan, this project is realized under financial and technical support of UN-HABITAT. This pilot project represents the first attempt to impose a duty to homeowners to improve organization and management of their condominiums, combined with favorable credit financing of overhaul of elevators. Other objective of the project was to test possibilities of introduction of professional managers through formal demonstrational engagement of a trained staff from the public housing maintenance company. 
Main UDP activities were: technical support in developing solutions, project documentation and management of the Project; preparation of agreements, contractual documentation and templates of homeowners’ association documents; preparation of training curricula and provision of trainings to homeowners and property managers; preparation and printing of a brochure on condominium management for homeowners.