Post-earthquake Urban Renewal in Kraljevo; Feasibility Study

Employer Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) Implementation period 2013 Partners

The “Post-earthquake Housing Reconstruction in Kraljevo” Project is designed to provide compensatory permanent housing solutions to the homeowners whose dwellings were damaged by the earthquake that hit Kraljevo in November 2010. To address the problem, Kraljevo city authorities have developed a longer-term strategy for the redevelopment of the whole estate in two large phases.
The first phase, which is the scope of this Project, will focus on the demolishment of 21existing and the construction of 4 new eight-storey buildings with 360 apartments to resettle the families currently living in the settlement. The second phase [not included in the Project here under consideration] will be the focus of some future project, and will involve the construction of new social rental housing in accordance with the Municipal Housing Strategy, and commercial premises on the rest of the location. 
The main Project objective is to contribute to the improvement of the social and economic situation of vulnerable households in “Pic mala”, which currently occupy inadequate living space and to further support the development of the urban management instruments of a comprehensive social housing system in Kraljevo.