Reasons for the introduction of housing policy as core responsibility of local governments in Serbia

Employer SCTM Implementation period 2009 Partners

This study presents a brief analysis of needs and reasons for the re-introduction of housing policy as the core responsibility of local governments and the return to the governing structures at national and local level. 
Post-socialist transition of Serbia is reflected at the housing policy as almost total abandonment of public involvement and leaving people to free market: the neo-liberal economic concept with the deregulation of housing legislation. 
Enormous efforts initiated the raising process of new institutions – the local city and municipal housing agencies, whereupon by 2008 the new system of instruments of non-profit, non-market or social housing was designed and tested, as later was defined in the Law on Social Housing (issued in 2009) which is introducing at republic and particularly local level important and actual responsibilities in the constitution of basic instruments of public involvement into the housing policy. These instruments are already installed in few cities and municipalities in Serbia, so the question of redefinition of the core responsibilities in the area of housing is open by the Law on Local Government. This analysis is contributing to the affirmative decision of expanding the existing responsibilities.