Guide for participation in urban development planning

Authors Чолић Р., Мојовић Ђ., Чолић Н., Петковић М. City Belgrade Publication date 2013 Publishers GIZ ISBN / ISSN 978-86-914025-1-8

Guide for participation in urban development planning is based on experiences from the GIZ / Ambero-ICON project “Strengthening of local land management in Serbia” and practices that have arisen as a result of the implementation of new planning instruments during the year 2011/2012.
This Guide includes examples of practice’s participatory techniques and statements of the participants suggesting that the lack of a formal framework does not represent an obstacle for the introduction of participation. The Guide shows advanced practice and points out the possibilities for improving the existing procedures by introducing early participation, novelties which could contribute to the improvement of the normative framework of urban planning legislation in Serbia and quality of urban plans and to provide the democratization of the planning process.