Social Housing: Overview of the housing policies of Serbia and selected European countries

Authors Мојовић Ђ., и др. City Belgrade Publication date 2009 Publishers PALGO Center ISBN / ISSN 978-86-84865-05-4

This publication by Palgo Center provides a systematized and integrated overview of the housing policy in Serbia and presents the challenges imposed to the legal and institutional framework for social housing development in Serbia.
This publication is based on the Social Housing Study which is part of the National Strategy for Spatial Development of Serbia 2009-2020. The study is commissioned by the Republic Agency for Spatial Planning, the institution responsible for preparation of the study is the Urban Planning Institute from Belgrade and Urban Development Program is engaged for drafting a part of the study concerning housing situation in Serbia. 
Besides assessment of housing policy and public intervention in the housing sector in the last two decades in Serbia, the study also provides an overview of the social housing systems in several European countries. At the end, the study suggests how the social housing system can contribute to the balanced and sustainable development of Serbia.