Information on the workshop: Future of Condominium Ownership

Authors Мојовић Ђ. City Belgrade Publication date 2010 Publishers UDP ISBN / ISSN

The issue of management and maintenance of housing condominiums and especially of their common parts remain one of the most severe consequences of the total privatization of public housing stock in Serbia, lasting today for almost two decades.
Therefore, this problem, considered in all transition countries as one of the biggest problems of the housing policy, draw attention of USAID program in Serbia, to initiate a reform. Such reform is supposed to ensure in a comprehensive way the legal, institutional, financial, professional and organizational preconditions for introduction of higher standards and improvement of practice of management and maintenance. It is in direct interest of millions of homeowners, local authorities and the state and represent very potent business sector. The goal of the workshop was to gather on one place the representatives of all relevant stakeholders from the public, private and civil sectors, to envisage interest for initiating these changes and finally, based on the participants’ consensus, to kick off the reform.