Evaluation study of the project: Social Housing in Supportive Environment

Authors Мојовић Ђ. City Belgrade Publication date 2011 Publishers UNHCR ISBN / ISSN

This study is the result of evaluation conducted by UDP for the needs of UNHCR.
The Republic of Serbia is the country with the highest number of refugees and internally displaced persons in Europe and one of the countries that hosts the persons with the longest refugee status in the world. An initial assessment of residents of CCs, carried out by UNHCR and the SCR shows that the most adequate durable solution to this category is the  Social Housing in Supportive Environment. 
The study provides analysis of the concept, the beneficiary selection criteria, the procedures, the technical aspects of the project, the sustainability in relation to social aspects, fairness in selecting final beneficiaries and maintenance of public assets, as well as the adequate distribution of responsibilities to the stakeholders. In addition to the detailed analysis of all the program key parameters, the study provided specific recommendations for further improvements.