Vulnerable-sensitive social housing policies; Social campaign

Employer Group 484 Implementation period 2010 Partners

Statistical data indicate that only in Belgrade about 15% of the population can be considered vulnerably housed what is referring to significant lack of strategic and policy framework that would explore and define proper ways of fulfilling housing needs of local socially vulnerable population. In line with advocacy for the vulnerable groups, this project is aimed to the making of the National Strategy on Social Housing through organizing the public debate about the draft of the Strategy. Along with all that, the project is using influential media instruments in order to engage citizens more intensively into this subject matter and to influence on raising the public awareness about social housing programs and practice.
Within the project activities, public discussion about the draft of National Strategy on Social Housing (just completed) was initiated with the aim that this mayor policy document receive proper attention from all stakeholders relevant to social housing and the one-day conference was held in Belgrade which has set off the discussion about the draft of National Strategy on Social Housing. Main elements of media campaign are generated and realized in cooperation with B92 television and included four short documentary films which are showing different housing situations of people who need system support in solution their housing situation alongside with the interviews with the experts from the fields relevant to the housing policy (planners, architects, sociologists, economics, lawyers, etc.). Each short film will present one or two basic ideas related to the development of the modern social housing system.