Local Housing Policy

Authors Мојовић Ђ., Станковић Ж., Чарнојевић В. City Belgrade Publication date 2009 Publishers UDP ISBN / ISSN 978-86-912561-1-1

At local level, although deprived of duty to deal with housing policy within the scope of their genuine responsibilities, except for monitoring and organizing maintenance of condominium buildings, public administrationс of all bigger towns cope with emerging problems: more and more households are without adequate housing space and without possibility to solve their needs on the market; informal/illegal housing construction is a regular practice for decades and represents a parallel town-building process; condominium buildings are rapidly decaying and losing value, often threathening human lives. 
Municipal and city authorities are seeking for solutions, trying to define the common interest and to manage with usually limited local budget funds in a most efficient way.
The objective of this publication is to offer basic information and support to all participants in local housing policy development, in the ambiance of initiated reforms aiming to reestablish public intervention in the housing sector.